Our Success

At Colorado BlueFlower Fund, we do our homework to ensure our endorsements go to qualified, competitive candidates who have a clear a path to success—and we have a track record to prove it.


BlueFlower Endorses Candidates for June 2018 Primary

We are proud to announce endorsement of the following women ahead of the primary election in June 2018.

Cary Kennedy for Governor
Donna Lynne for Governor
Jena Griswold for Secretary of State
Lesley Smith for CU Regent At-Large
Hazel Gibson, Senate District 32
Julie Gonzales, Senate District 34
Amy Beatie, House District 4
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, House District 4
Meghan Nutting, House District 5
Emily Sirota, House District 9
Ashley Wheeland, House District 9
Sonya Lewis, House District 12
Monica Duran, House District 24
Kerry Tipper, House District 28
Shakti, House District 28


Later this summer, Colorado BlueFlower Fund will announce another round of endorsements ahead of the general election in November 2018.

BlueFlower Fund Endorses 33 for November 2017 Candidates

Record Number of Endorsements in Off-Year Elections

Today, the Colorado BlueFlower Fund, a small donor committee that supports pro-choice, Democratic women running for state and local office in Colorado, released its 2017 endorsements.

"BlueFlower Fund hit a record with 33 women endorsed for off-year elections in Colorado," said Jennie Peek-Dunstone, Colorado BlueFlower Fund Board President. "These are women who are running to serve on school boards and city councils throughout Colorado and we are excited to support them."

29 of 40 BlueFlower 2016 Candidates Elected, Total Win Rate of 72.5 Percent

The Colorado BlueFlower Fund announced today that 29 of its 40 endorsed candidates were elected or re-elected to office, representing a total win rate of 72.5 percent. During the recent General Election, the Fund supported 40 pro-choice Democratic women either with funding, an endorsement or both.

“We want to thank all of the candidates who applied for our support,” said Jennie Peek-Dunstone, BlueFlower Fund Board President. “Congratulations to the women who will represent BlueFlower’s values in each of their offices. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is critical to have pro-choice women in elected office. We want to thank the candidates who did not win for their incredible leadership and wish them good luck in the future.”

BlueFlower Fund Supports 13 Candidates in 2015 Municipal Elections

The Colorado BlueFlower Fund announced today that it is supporting 13 candidates in the upcoming 2015 municipal elections in Denver and Fort Collins. The BlueFlower Fund is supporting candidates with endorsement, funding or both.

“We want to thank all of the candidates who applied for our support,” said Serena Woods, BlueFlower Fund Board President. “Our organization has supported pro-choice, progressive women running for state and local office for many years and we are proud of our work. We wish these candidates good luck in their upcoming elections.”