BlueFlower Fund Mission
The BlueFlower Fund helps elect Democratic, pro-choice, progressive women candidates running for state and local office in Colorado.  Through the power of a Small Donor Committee, the BlueFlower Fund enhances candidate contributions by mobilizing donors across the state of Colorado.

The BlueFlower Fund actively researches and recruits qualified, competitive candidates in order to accomplish our mission.  To receive BlueFlower support, candidates must complete an application, which is scored and evaluated by our Board Members, with guidance from our Advisors. Contributions are made to select candidates about four months before the general election – because early money makes a difference.  By providing significant contributions early in the election cycle, the BlueFlower Fund is Colorado’s solution to getting Democratic, pro-choice women elected.  

The BlueFlower Fund is proud to work with like-minded individuals across the state of Colorado to maximize contributions to select candidates.  Candidates supported by BlueFlower help to transform Colorado’s political landscape by building a pro-choice, progressive agenda at the state and local levels.

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